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2016-Aug-24 - Big Boobs Porn Story Big Tits Sex Fotos

Big Boobs

Big Boobs Porn Story Big Tits Sex Fotos

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        - Colleagues .. I have called you to report the news. I must say, is very strange news ... It concerns the payment ...    Director picked up the paper and looked at him and began to read aloud:    - "Internal regulation of the eighteenth zero fourth this year ... Best Big Boobs Porn Website Builder Reviews. Solution. The present decision of the owner of "Respect-M" makes changes to the order of nature and remuneration of all employees of the firm. Payment will be made on a monthly basis the fifth day of subscription for intimate services. When calculating the wage per unit of sexual services takes one sexual act, in ruble terms equates to five hundred rubles ... "    - Well ... trendets - amazed murmured Michael, one of the company's freight forwarders.    - Igor V. ... - loud whisper shocked interrupted Director Chief Accountant Zinaida. - Igor V. - this is a joke or what?!. - Indignantly raised her voice, turning around, as if for support, the rest of those present in the office.    - The fact of the matter is that it is not a joke! - Said the Director testily. The people in the room and rustled uncomfortably:    - No, it was a joke!    - Bollocks something!    - Wait, wait! - He raised his hand director. The people calmed down slightly, and the director continued to read:    - "The transition to a subscription system is partly voluntary. Fifty per cent of the wages will be paid subscriptions for the use of sexual services, the remaining fifty percent but not more than, at the request of an employee may be paid to him in cash. The employee can independently determine the amount of the monetary part of their salary to increase or decrease it, may also receive its full subscriptions ... "    - God knows what! - Shaking his head, he said loudly before the silent senior manager Sobolev.    The director looked around. Administrator trading hall, a young girl, Nina, sat motionless, red with shame, tomato, face. Forwarder Michael shrugged his shoulders, his lips twitching, and then stretched in a wry smile.    - I can not believe ... No, this is definitely a joke! Above us bullied! - Wailed chief accountant Zinaida Petrovna, her intonation was colorful, varied: surprise and indignation frustrated in indecision, which was replaced by the word, on the contrary, confidence.    - My-and Lovely! I myself would not believe, and I do not believe, I asked for a meeting of the company's owner, - the director raised his index finger and his eyes - spoke with him ... but still!    - Hmm ... Print ... Legally, all decorated true. But this is utter nonsense! - Said Sergei, reviewing and returning director leaf.    - Who can argue ?! - He said.    - And who will perform the way? - Questioningly he exclaimed the chief accountant.    Director, read on:    - "To ensure the implementation of subscriptions and receiving members of sexual services of LLC" Respect-M "concludes one year contract with the entertainment agency" Chrysanthemum. " Unused tickets are valid during the whole term of the contract. This Decision shall enter into force on the date of its reports to the attention of employees. " The number, signature, seal, - the director postponed the sheet and looked around the staff.    Forwarder Michael suddenly burst out laughing at the whole office:    - Ho-ho-ho-ho! X-hu-Huhu .. And rd, - I can not ... - shaking his bowed head, he wiped tears edge of his hand. Clearing his throat, he asked:    - And what to do, now?    - And that's what we will write a petition on behalf of the labor collective, and send our lawyer to petition to us sent a commission to deal with this ... - chief accountant curled his lips - so to speak, "regulation". I think everything is very quickly found out and solved, and will be made new "Act": the owner himself (look up) or in a mental hospital will determine, but instead you, Igor V., deliver, or else with it a fine seek for such jokes, for insult and moral damages to employees ... won - Nina was almost in tears!    Indeed, the Nina was sitting with his head down, and without raising his eyes, the cheeks of the girl glowed crimson.    - And of course, this nonsense will definitely be canceled, to talk about it and nothing! - Loudly and confidently concluded the chief accountant, vzd????rnuv chin.    - And I would not mind to try it! - Fun Mikhail said. Chief Accountant, abruptly turned and stared indignant glance at him.    - Well, what do you say, L. .. - quietly asked the director to the senior manager.    - We proceed as proposed in our dear Zinaida Petrovna - manager said after a pause. - Well, - I think this can end up meeting? - He shot a questioning glance at the Headmaster. He nodded:    - I think, yes!    - Expenses, gentlemen! - Cheerfully said Sobolev.    The people heard and discussing peresmeivayas, pulled out of the cabinet.    
    2.    - What kind of idiotic nonsense! .. - Were heard from behind the door shrill cries. The opaque, dull-white glass door dark silhouettes of dancing, as in the theater of shadows. There was a sound as if a flock of pigeons fluttered. The door swung open with a bounce, purple glavbuhsha Zinaida Petrovna, still screaming, she rushed down the hall. Through the opened doorway could be seen crowding excitedly negotiators and employees. Above their heads was flying leaf of the blue and pink paper. Catching them forwarder Mikhail muttered:    - Why scatter something? Itself I do not want to - give others ...    Today salary issued. And for the first time were given those same subscription for sex, which were discussed last week. Then general manager Sergei, visit the company's owner, returning only mumbled incoherently and averting his eyes, that "everything will be fine ..." The staff and did not believe in a speech at the meeting and engaged in their own business, gradually calmed down. And today, they put before the fact: after dinner people reached in the cashier's office, and there ... There's deadpan cashier Angela before each has put on the table two paper stacks: one - of the bank notes, exactly half of the monthly salary, the other - from multi-colored leaves, men blue, pink for women. Leves were fairly large, half A4, with the frame and patterns, similar to medical insurance policy, and the center had the inscription: "Subscribe to receive sexual services." Once released from the cashier first receiving and said the way that their waiting staff dropped their things and headed to the office, arranging and crush op:    - Directors must call! Where the director ?!    - People, people, and! Do not push! Get out! Director no, he left!    - Oh, damn it, - do however coupons ?! Well, let, let at least look! Ho-ho-ho! XLI-XLI! ..    - Well, where L. ?!    - Ning - Give me your coupons as well? Why do they tell you, you're still ...    - Maybe you even ask her to give his innocence?    - Ho-ho-ho-ho!    - Well Call somebody L.!    - Well, guys, quit, I can not give out all at once!    - You've already got? You what?    - Yes, some garbage ... wife show for a laugh ...    - L. And, somewhere ?!    - Yes, I say the same - do not have them, left with the director!    After some time the dust settled. Employees returned to perform their normal duties. Only Nina, standing at the window, sobbing and dabbing red eyes and cheeks with a handkerchief, but the quieter times, the loudest cheers were heard evil accountant Zinaida Petrovna, who tirelessly cruised on the floors and corridors, actively, but unsuccessfully agitating the people to immediately strike. The people were at a loss, and revitalizing, like a funny anecdote went on the team.    - Hey, Nikolaitch - and Th do with them, now, huh? - Twisting in the hands of the coupons, in a low voice asked forwarder Mikhail one of the company's security guards.    - And there, at the bottom, you see? Small letters ...    - Where? Ah ... "Instructions for use".    - Well! I've already read. It's simple - you call this "Chrysanthemum" Set the phone there, calling code, it is also indicated - and ...    - And?!.    - Che - "and"? Little, or what? And ehaesh these whores, that's Che!    - Duck Th you - you will go, or what? Well - to them? Let `s together?    - Okay. After work, do not go, wait for me.    - Oka!    
    3.    Apartment in which girls from the agency of leisure "Chrysanthemum" serves customers were cozy, but simple: nothing more. A minimum of furniture, and even that seemed to be there only to customers with unusual tastes could use it for fucking. It did just that a friend of Michael, the guard Nikolaitch of the company ????Respect-M". He forced a prostitute to get on the table and sit down on the edge of his knees, so that the priest was granted half the girls over the edge, as if hovering in the air.    - Et Th for tricks? - Looking at it, said Michael, who squeezed a chair next to another girl.    - I recommend to try! This sexual position called "frog over a precipice" - wink, said Nikolaitch. Then he stood up to the table, put his hands under the buttocks of the girl stuck her bottom thrust into the vagina a member.    - Come on, move your ass! - He ordered a prostitute. That, springs to his feet, began to sit down on a member.    - Cool! - Michael grinned. He wanted to try and himself as well, but it slipped from his prostitute naked hairy knees, decided to pamper your partner a hand. He sat down next to the chair, naked girl swinging clamped in his fist member Michael apart and smiled, showing pink gums and showing the tip of the tongue between the wet snow-white teeth smooth. Looking at her wet, shiny gums, Michael suddenly wanted to prostitute took in his mouth. He put his hand on her shoulder, prignetaya down. She tilted her face and swallowed a member. Smooth mucosal epithelium inside of the cheeks, palate and mouth podyazychiya girls deliciously ulaskival member Michael, and he closed his eyes in pleasure.    - A! ABOUT! Oh, oh, oh! .. - Moaning away from the table Nikolayevich and his girlfriend.    - Um ... Suck ... Suck ... - Michael moaned. Opening his eyes, he looked at hooker. Her appearance was a very elegant and well-kept, it was not common for prostitutes and potaskannosti rudeness. If you do not know that she was a whore, you might think that it is about a girl, an excellent student.    Michael liked the idea, and he began to dream, imagining that a prostitute who is now sucking his cock, in fact - a virgin, which in humans are always so touchy and even blushes from the word "sex", and she dreams of debauched caresses. And here it is, somewhere far from home, so no one knew, somewhere on vacation, on the beach, decided to realize their desires, dragged some guy in the bushes ... that is it, Michael, dragged ... she is curious and pretty naked fox ... and smiles slyly shining eyes ... horny delighted discoverer touches vzbuhshy thin fingers and swaying peasant body ... it's so interesting, because she had never seen a penis! .. and now she licks glossy maroon head covers her pink ... greedy mouth ...    - Mm-m ... - Michael grunted, ready to finish. But then he called out:    - Bear! Go ... go ... join us ... cool will not be sorry ... - breathlessly called Nikolaitch side. Michael opened his eyes and turned around. buddy Slut already climbed down from the table and stood, bending low. She sucked his friend, putting his highly lifted her ass on display Michael. He understood the invitation, got up, walked over and put the girl. And is that a moment ago so sweet to suck his penis, and now began to suck the breast of his co-worker.    - Oh ... - grunted Nikolaitch after a few seconds. Flop! Flop! - He said his cock popping out of his mouth girl dolbimoy Michael. After a few seconds the man finished.    - Nice! - Michael told his friend when they returned home. - Health coined the owner of our company with these subscriptions for sex! They put a mark in the subscription - and fuck for free!    - That's true, but in fact the money is now only half the salary we get. Let's see in a month, if not to be missed habitation, a second operation is necessary to look for ...    
    4.    The newspaper "Vesti Novointimska????, ??????? 26, 2012    "SEX Ashram or Shame?"    "Probably, our readers had to deal with rumors about a strange initiative in one of the firms in our city. We are talking about the introduction of so-called "subscriptions for sex", which allegedly replaced the money. A couple of months the rumors walked among the people, and nobody took seriously. However, the information obtained by our correspondent, was enough to conclude that what is happening in the company - is nonsense, something out of the ordinary. From the owner of the company, unfortunately, we were unable to obtain comment this situation, as he is on vacation in Thailand. "    
    5.    In the middle of the apartment was a man in work clothes, with his pants down, that hump on the ankles. A meter from him in an aggressive pose standing naked disheveled woman with a wrench in his hand.    - Give my instrument! - Holding out his hand, the boy said.    - Just come! Ogreyu! - Swinging key woman screamed.    - Mistress, what you are, in fact! You are not right! I'll replace the tap - so have the right to another sexual act! - Said the guy.    - No, you have not! I have already paid for the job! Subscription for only one sexual act, and you have to fuck me!    - Subscription is considered an hour of work, and I worked for one and a half!    - Do not know, have no delayed an extra half hour! If you have missed work per hour, it means that you are incompetent, you are not an expert! On the phone, the girl from your company said that by the hour!    - Well, you know, just in time to meet it does not always work, work is work! I could not leave unfinished business!    - Yes, you yourself unfinished! In short - go!    The woman swung at the guy the key again. Then the doorbell rang. Woman looking for a guy, went sideways into the hall and opened the door. In the room she returned indignantly explaining the situation to his husband who came.    - Okay, wait a minute, we shall understand, - a nod in greeting guy said her husband out of the closet and pulled out a newspaper.    - Here let's be clear, there's somewhere published standards of payment ... - said the husband. Unfolding the paper, on the cover of which was coarsely printed name of the newspaper: "Those vechereyuschey capital????, ??????? 44, 2012, the husband muttered:    - Um, here somewhere ... and, voila! Listen! - And I began to read aloud:    - "There have been reports that this innovation - subscriptions to sex, spread to other cities in Russia. And if Novointimske this system did not go beyond one firm, then, say, in St. Petersburg, she has acquired a new thing: a kind of go-getter has opened an exchange office in which everyone can draw any exchange of goods or occasional or permanent sex services subscriptions. We give specific examples from the price list of the exchanger:    
    1) five DVD-disk with movies are one passes;    2) knitting sweaters, pullovers, etc. (From customer material)    is three abonmentam;    3) an essay written in verse congratulations equal zero point five per subscription. With such a split exchange itself carries an exchange office in the presence of a certain of number of orders. Although invited to consider a half season ticket as a simplification of the provision of sexual services. That is, if for a ticket, you can get a full intercourse, over half of the coupon - only blowjob or kunniling;    4) performance of plumbing work at home, such as: replacement of taps, the installation of baths, etc. - One hour of work equals one subscription for sex ... "    
    - Here .. I told you - one subscription, that is one fuck one hour of work, and I worked for one and a half! - Triumphantly shouted a guy-a plumber. - You owe me one more fucking!    - Hush, hush, do not skandalte! - Husband said. - You worked in excess of the norm, this is understandable, but at the second sexual intercourse does not have built - in fact in excess of half an hour ... But you do not worry, no payment we do not let go ... fuck my wife a second time I will not give, but to compensate for the extra half-hour work, I suggest you be satisfied with a blowjob. My wife posos????t you, and that disperse, okay?    - Agreed - thinking guy said Plumber.    His wife sighed and walked over to the guy knelt down and, lifting his fingers poluobvisshy member, has incorporated it into his mouth.    - I know that, according to the rules that are close should not interfere in the payment process, but you are so sexy look ... can I join you? - I asked the husband.    - Let's! - Guy nodded.    My husband dropped his pants, knelt behind his wife and set her cancer.    - Oh, and I also like your pizdentsiya, my love! It is especially desirable when you suck dick postronnemu peasant! - Approval progovril husband started to fuck my little wife.    - M! M! - Lowed in response missus with prichmokom smoking a member of the plumbing.    
    6.    Naked fat woman on the rumpled bed stood on cheverenkah, his face on the sheet. Behind her fucking husband, will drive slowly into her pussy thick, shining wet dick.    - Oh, Kolya! Yet! And you turn off the TV! What a habit of watching telly during sex! - Panting and groaning, say a fat woman. From shock her spouse white huge tits and fat folds on the sides fluctuated.    - Yes, wait a minute, then I wonder ... - her husband, without removing a member, held out his hand standing next to the coffee table and took control, turned up the volume. From the TV screen sounded:    - Hello! Are you re-telecast "Zhys she ect." We are located in the central square. As you can see (on camera hitting dinning crowd behind reporter), people gathered to express an opinion about the subscription system ... As is well known, not only in our city is. For example, in Novgorod, too, a wave of protests and lawsuits initiated by disgruntled sexually subscription payment system. And we have one of these cases were initiated by local oligarch ... oh, there he is! Local tycoon, tell me, please, for our viewers - what do you think about all this?    - What I think? I think my little wife - an insatiable sexual maniac, because after another quarrel, to spite me, she translated our bank funds in the fucking tickets! Now she has heaps of sex, and have nothing to eat at home! - Provopil local oligarch. Reporter rattled on:    - Notable protest, picket the homeless to the local administration. Vagabonds were in demand to split the face value of tickets for sex, similar to how one ruble is divided into one hundred cents, so that passers-by could subscriptions shallow values serve homeless charity. Previously it assumed that ten small subscriptions will be one full subscription. Much of this change did not get it, but, say, three small subscription can be viewed on a naked object of sexual gratification, and for four - touch for an intimate place for three seconds.    Human rights activists expressed their support for the homeless, and offer to enter into a new constitution an article enshrining the inalienable right of the individual to have sex.    And here is how has commented on the situation scandalous metropolitan director Roland Nishtyak being in transit in our city:    - We're moving to a new sex-economic policy! Subscriptions for sex everywhere will become a type of currency - built up an important mine, saccharine tone broadcasts Nishtyak.    - Thank you! - Corresponding resumed his person the entire frame:    - Stock market traders are already thinking what this place will be a new currency - it will be cheaper yuan or greater rise in price euro .. Wait and - see ...    - I want to quote verses of the famous poet Marianne Tsvetkova: "If only you knew of a mutual sex grow flowers! .." - Enthusiastically said Nishtyak, who had the same last reportage climb his countenance in the frame - as in any way, advertising will not prevent ...    
    7.    - Have you heard the news?    - No, what?    - Subscriptions canceled!    - Yah?! Who said?    - Yes, one of our own, Sedna same salary, that someone has got all the money paid.    - And you have not got? Come along, let's see where Che!    - Come on!    Near the ticket office was, sticking out his belly forward, the director. Opposite him crowded the staff. As you can see, the director to answer to the people.    - Yes, yes, my friends - subscription system is canceled! You are able to read something? There's also a piece of paper on the door, and on paper it is written ...    - You should not it! - Shouted someone from the crowd. - People have already got used!    - Not I decide! - Director he threw his arms. - Said entered - entered, said cancel - cancel ...    - That's good, that this stuff was canceled! - Sang Zinaida.    - Nitsche good ... Okay was invented! No, seriously, people - you think carefully: if we get the money paid, it is also a big part of it comes to sex, even without tickets. And so everywhere! - Nikolaitch said.    - Like this? - Someone asked.    - But as you get paid, and it nes????sh wife, not even half, and often entirely ...    - And I have no wife!    - Well, it means prostitute. One devil, sex spend!    - A woman? Women are not like dogs, you! - I put Zinaida.    - No dogs, rightly so - agreed Nikolaitch. - But women, received a salary, where to spend it? In cosmetics, perfume, shmot???? - in short, to everything what they hope to attract the attention of men, so that, ultimately, put them to bed. Well che, not so INTO it? Only many such bad luck in life, they are a bunch of salary spent on shmot???? and the bed still nobody zataschut ...    At these words, the administrator Nina blushed.    - ... And everyone has subscriptions, what do you want ... So, anyway, - continued Nikolaitch - and we plow on sex, the whole world is this plow. And our host skumekal this mechanism, and than around the twist, as the currency of the payment once the final result of the works proposed, - I have season tickets to sex mean ... Do not - in vain, in vain canceled ... If it were not for these subscriptions, our forwarder Mikhail and I would go blank. And now he has found a narrowing ... such love them with Lena ...    - Misha, that - right ?! - Cried Zinaida. Michael nodded.    - No, that in your own team to find a bride! Where did you find it? - Said Zinaida. Michael looked down.    - Here there and found - Nikolaitch winked. - And in your own team, Zinaida Petrovna, too, could be ... it was necessary to tell our host - even to pay when subscriptions made not on the side, and the inside of his native team, the, so to say, the forces of ... - laughed Nikolaitch.    - Ugh! - Cried Zinaida.    - And what? It unites, to the staff became like one happy family ... and indicators have risen ...    - Fine, fine! Political Economy of sexologists ... enough talking, Angela been waiting for! Get paid ... - growled the director, and left the office.    - And with the owner something with the owner of that?!. - After the director I asked someone.    - In the run owner of our company, that's what! The search is declared ... - growled the director.    
    8.    The man was dressed in a nice suit, had with him a leather bag, which cost a lot for sure. So I thought the waitress looking at a strange visitor. As such it seemed to her as soon as walked into an almost empty restaurant - kakoy-to rumpled, or tired of the way, whether that ... on clothes more representative than by his own physical appearance ... probably not local - in this small provincial town waitress I knew almost everyone. When he had finished dinner, the waitress sighed and walked over to him.    - Your account ... - she put on the table in front of him in the scoreboard.    - You know, I do not have any money ... - said the visitor.    - Like this? - After a pause said the waitress. - And why did you go to a restaurant if there is no money ?! I'll call the manager ...    - Wait a minute ... I think you do not want the manager saw it ... - with these words the visitor opened his briefcase, rummaged in it ... In his hands were pink and blue sheets.    - You what? - I asked a visitor.    At the waitress's eyes lit up - she read the newspaper, but I knew that in spite of the widespread ban on them for these papers, if not light, much is made available ... The waitress, who knew how much in terms of rubles worth of these precious pink and blue pieces of paper, quickly He figured in his mind, and began to count out the change, but the visitor stopped her:    - Do not be money. I surrender to the subscription terms ...    The waitress blushed.    Five minutes later, she had a visitor in the back room. It was half dark, the band of light penetrated through the door slot. Without undressing, only removing the panties, waitress ass perched on a bag of sugar and lifted her short skirt, outstretched beautiful slender legs. The visitor, having lowered trousers, prinaladil his rampant dick to myagonkim uneven brownish lips, and with pleasure drove into the vagina. The diameter of the vagina from the waitress was pretty small and tight crimped cock slides visitor, so he, in short poshurovav Damsel pallet, moaned, pleasure, hot and sticky sweet fountain filled tunnel konvulsiruyuschy girl ...

23 x 6 cm for Moms

    23 x 6 cm for Moms    I was an ordinary boy of 12 years, small in stature but with a big dick between her legs. With 12 years for me it was a big problem with my slight increase of 1 meter 35 cm. My dick in a peaceful state was a long 17 cm. Ishirinu 4 cm. And erect 23 x 6 cm. This is no exaggeration, trust me on word of all measurements to the millimeter, the way I am now 39 years old and your penis is 27H7.    
    My mother is a woman of 40 years, the growth of 1 m.70 cm. To about 8th breast size, with a large elastic ass and wide hips. But she just say was not large, in fact, on her body was not fat, well, except that between the navel and the pubis small fat bulge. Face mom is very similar Ekaterina Shavrina not. True, at the time I had no idea who this Shavrina, the yard was 1986.    
    I'll start with a story of things until the summer of 1986, I was an ordinary boy from an ordinary child pisyunom. Finished 5th grade, I went to summer camp for all three shifts. Here in the camp with me and there was an incident on the third day of stay in the camp, my mind flew soccer ball and sent me to a knockout. With a concussion, I lay in the hospital for a week, and when it was released on time went on as usual. But after about a month, I noticed that my pisyun became sharply grow in size as well, as I have never masturbated and did not know the joy of orgasm, then waking up at night from the riser I almost ohuel of its size. Further-more than, two and a half months my dick rose to 23 X 6 cm. And I began to complex about it. In mid-August, the day before my birthday came and my mother took me home. Arriving home, I climbed into the bath and washed myself, I did not wear panties and just pulled on tights over his naked body. While I bathed, mom went to the store and bought eight bottles of beer, my mother was very fond of beer and eighth    mi years gave me a bottle of beer to drink. I came out of the bathroom and found the mother takes off her dress over her head, she was standing in underwear almost transparent floor, through the lace panties on a translucent black pubic hair, and a lace bra on the large halos nipple. I had not when I did not see my mother in this way, so my dick took vertical position as much as possible sticking tights. My mother did not know that I am standing in front of her, and only freed from the head dress saw me.    When she saw me she instinctively covered herself removed her dress, but it was too late, so my dick stood stake. Mom saw protruding tights asked to pull him to his knees. I have fulfilled her request and released his monster free. She looked at Bare and prick the size of a chicken egg and two egg the size of a walnut. We stood looking at each other a couple of minutes, and then my mother came to me in a tight and kneeling grabbed my dick with both hands whispered:    - I'm sorry son, but I have to suck this huge prick.    I do not have time or anything to say in response, and his mother with his prick in my mouth it became fiercely nasasyvayut. I looked at it from above, and she looked me in the eye from the bottom without ceasing to suck my dick. We looked each other in the eye without blinking little while I nakrel strongest orgasm. The brain is still dizzy, my body from head to toe pleasant shiver ran when I opened my eyes I saw my mother who was sitting on the floor and cried. I stood in the middle of the room with a flat tights and still standing by a dick, Mom got up from the floor and went into the bath. Pulling tights, I sat in a chair and began to think about what happened. From thinking I brought my mother's voice.    - Let's go to the kitchen to drink beer.    We sat in the kitchen at each other, my mother opened a bottle of beer and handed it to me, and she took a bottle of cognac bought for my birthday and poured herself in the glass. We drank and talked about what I felt during and after orgasm. I described to her his feelings, said that they have never experienced when not, Mom already drunk half a bottle and pretty drunk. Her robe hung on the sides revealing a gorgeous thighs and I could safely admire her lace panties. My dick started to rise again, that there also was seen mother.    - Son, you can deliver myself the pleasure if jerk his dick hand. Stand up and take off your tights completely, take the dick and Vod hand down the top-baring prick the back putting on her skin.    I stood up and took off his tights remain completely naked, took his dick hand began nadrachivat, mother, meanwhile, also stood up and took off her coat left in his underwear.    - Look at my son's body and masturbate, and when the sperm will flow later in her wine glass from which I drink brandy.    
    Long orgasm did not have to wait a minute, I half filled a glass of warm thick sperm. My mother took my hands and sniffing the glass of sperm drank two sips of it. So we sat until two o'clock in the morning, I'm a couple of times filled her glass of sperm she there also drank. At exactly two o'clock, my mother said that I lay naked on the floor, I have fulfilled her request, my mother got home-based and took off her panties, I saw two fat hairy labia expiring mucus. Mom crossed one leg over my legs and I was between her legs. She clutched his hand pussy and squeezed, and then began to slap on pezde lodoshkoy and screaming at her.    - What a bitch hairy, you want something to this healthy dick broke you? - Want something to you all smashed inside until the uterus? - Then sit down on the dick bitch my son and gave him a heavenly delight!    
    Mom sat on my by a dick and began to try to shove though, would be my prick into her pussy, my dickhead barely moved in the vagina, I felt like everything is coming apart and torn when the foreskin has disappeared completely in pussy mother had finished with her body began to beat in konvusiyah until it is fully seated on the dick she still finished three times. Mom sat quietly with a minute on my dick, and then stood up with me. From pussy thighs started to bleed, I looked at his dick, he was all in blood.    - Honey, your dick tore me all my pizden! - I'll lie down on your back, and you will lie on his mom on top, getting up in my pussy and his fat dick going to fuck me until you get tired, so I did not scream do not stop, I want you to today Jam me to death. - You understood me ?    - Yes, Mommy.    I climbed up on Mom and inserting a dick in her pussy until it stops began to pull her body on his dick. Before I could make a couple of frictions and mother start to finish.    - Oh-oh-oh, damn, I'm coming! - You eb????sh me into the uterus! - How-to me fucking! - I have borne for itself ????barya with enormous by a dick! - Sonny, Tear me all!    An hour fucked mother fainted twice, piss and crap from the strain, I did three times in a row finished in her pussy without stopping for a break in the heat of passion I have teeth tore her bra. He finished to fuck my mother I pulled the dick from pussy stood in front of her mother on her knees and began to piss on her body and face, mum lying contentedly on the floor and smiling. Tired and happy we removed the floor of urine and shit went to her mother's bed to sleep.    My mother and I lay naked on the bed and began to suck, while I hand stroking her breasts, belly and hairy pizden course. We sucked like two lovers, getting tongues to each other deep in the mouth, my mother's pussy gets wet much, she obviously wanted to fuck, her pelvis rapidly moving in time with the movements of my hands. I accelerated the movement of the hand nadrachivaya her pussy, she grabbed my hand strongly and held her became violently finish. Her body convulsed wildly, she moaned loudly and urinated directly into bed, I felt the pressure of his hand jets escaping from her pussy. I threw off her blanket and stood in front of her and began to piss on it pouring moch????y her huge tits neck and face. Squeeze out every last drop I covered us with a blanket. We were all in the urine under a wet blanket and kissed.    - Sonny, that you liked to write me?    - Yes, Mom, really enjoyed it, even in the kitchen when we fucked all stained with urine and by shit me is very exciting.    - Do you like the smell of shit?    - Yes, Mom, I want you to shit on tits and smear shit all through your body, and then the tongue to lick it with you.    - Oh-oh-oh, dear, you make me so aroused by these distortions, that I am ready to go with you this dirty sex. Unfortunately I was empty, so how emptied    his gut still in the kitchen, but if you want to take a shit then do not hesitate to sit down outwork    and obosri me from head to toe.    I sat down on her haunches and pull their socks up, after a few seconds on my mother's breasts got out two fat shit, I gave my ass closer to my mother's face and asked her to wipe my ass tongue. Mom there also clung to my ass mouth and began furiously licking my point. But nature took its new taste sensations occurred organism do not like, and it vomited on her tits well. I    I lay down beside her and began to gag, foul up the mixture spread on my mother's body. Smearing all equally I picked up her boob and nipple plunging into the mouth whole bedraggled by shit began to suck it. Mom moaned and grabbed my hand dick    beginning his nadrachivat, I continued to suck on her tits and roared with excitement zvereya stronger and stronger.    - Mom, I'll fuck you now dirty whore! - I shouted to her, why she began to finish. Wasting no time, I climbed on her and put his dick in her vagina shrinking of orgasm. Mom rolled her eyes and began to scream like a cut.    - Sonny, cute, fuck me properly! - I want today obkonchatsya so-as in his life does not end!I fucked her for two hours without a break, then put her on all fours and fucked doggy style, then again went on top of her and fucked, fucked until he pulled into her pizden raz????bannuyu me. When I looked at the lay podomnoy za????bannuyu to state forgetful mother I put myself two fingers in her mouth and on her sweaty blevonul all in shit worn-out body. After that, we turned off the bedside lamp has covered with a blanket and we slept.

The girl in the bus I: First Touch

    The girl in the bus I: First Touch        As soon as Rita 18 years old, her religious and a little backward from the life of the parents, began to allow her to go to college one, without the tedious maintenance. She was happy, to experience the joy of independence received it. Rita was, as often referred to, in the body of the girl and looked much younger than his 18 years. She had jet-black hair, deep dark brown eyes, and due to its natural dark tan could take her for a girl from the south. She was not fat, it was with her, really big breasts, protruding ass and sweet plump lyazhechki. No matter how it was baggy T-shirts, sweaters, and jackets, and they were large, they still could not hide her incredible five. Guys love to admire her from behind, watching as it goes under the skin tight-fitting leggings or jeans. In his training form, Rita was the dream of all. It is for these reasons, her mom and dad too guarded it. Rita was a smart girl, and not as naive as they thought.    
    The first travel alone by bus to Rita was unforgettable. Strange, but it was for her. It was the first time when she was alone in a public place without annoying family or friends. She was a big girl, and now no one could follow her or tell her. But she did not like to go for a long time, because the bus was stuffy, and the rear area was filled. For an hour, she had spent in the cramped, compressed between the strong and sweaty guys, without any opportunity to breathe. A week passed, and again it somehow pulled on the rear platform. When she pushed at the same place, there were all the same guys, though nowhere and never left. They were friendly in appearance, but did not try to talk to her. It's even a little offended by Rita. When the bus jerked to get under way, Rita felt a hand on her plump ass. She thought that it was done by accident, and as soon as the guy could grab a handhold, he removes his hand. Ticked seconds crawled minutes, but by the hand of all prudently remained in place. Just a little bit, the arm start the movement at the bottom charms Rita. Hand groped, researched, and Rita did not know what to do and where to do with myself. Thoughts followed one another that it was necessary to do: pull back or encourage its movement? The answer came by itself, one hand on the roundness of Rita, then a third, then another one, for several people blatantly squeezed the buttocks of an innocent girl, do not expect this in a public and open for everyone. And so all the way to college ... She was still hot with shame and embarrassment when the doors opened. Although perhaps it was the same feeling, previously unknown to her? That thing than frighten her parents, then, against which warned uncle and aunt, can still, is it?    
    Throughout the school day, our heroine, she thought only of the morning trip or tutorials with teachers or chatter with friends is not occupied her thoughts. She found that she really liked what happened to her, she wanted to experience it again. When the last bell rang, Rita rushed to the bus stop. Mixed feelings ran through her when she went to the back of the site.    She could not find one, simply had to stand sullenly. Rita lowered her head, not seeing the new passengers who came to a stop. When internal struggle reached its climax, and nurtured stiffness almost won the germs of lust, a hand fell on her popu.Ona felt it sharply and thoughts huddled in a heap, she realized that she was trembling. Fearing that any wrong move may frighten off a pervert, she was afraid to move. The hand began to move up and down, back and forth, taking full ass jeans not cheap American firm. She even started to settle in a different way that the hand could grasp the larger surface.    A few minutes later there was a second hand. She explored the surface just below the rear skirt, sometimes a stranger touched his knees and rubbed the space between the legs. A first hand, seemed to be slowly and carefully making its way back up to the bra clasp. New tingling sensation pierced her body, it was as if in a faint from languor. Searing hot flesh touching her skin. Nothing could be more beautiful at the moment.    
    Rita moved when several new passengers got on the bus. She recognized some of them as they took their seats beside her. And new arms will join the other two. Rita felt that her naked ass and felt her pull together with a skirt. Pants were the only barrier between them and her skin feverish flesh. One of the researchers felt eraser panties, they soon fell to his knees, where they were taken into the arms already wrinkled skirt. But when some of the hands, tried to get to her virgin lips, Rita was afraid that his fingers at once to invade her hole. She squeezed his legs together, and no one gave up trying to go further. Hands continued to run on the bare ass and finally began to pull at her hairy lips.    
    Rita felt all hands stopped immediately.    
    -This Is your flaw, girl. Do not worry, we will continue tomorrow, - whispered the stranger.    Yes, and by the way. You have to shave, because the hair is not good, -proiznes a different voice.    
    Coming out of the bus, Rita stumbled on bardyur. Crumpled panties, she stuffed them in her purse. That night she gave herself a finger to sleep. It was the first in her life, what she does with pleasure. Late at night she woke up. Quietly sneaked into the bathroom, where the neatly shaved pussy. Feeling like a child looking for a gift under the Christmas tree, Lisa was waiting for the next day. Soon she realized that he was a present under the Christmas tree, this is it. And that gift was to be opened.    
    In the morning she got up in their favorite place. She saw the familiar men, these were the owners of the hands of researchers. When she tried to get closer to one of them, Rita was pushed for by some of those who now stood before her wall. Before he knew it, she felt that someone pushes her between the shoulder blades, obviously wishing she leaned. A moment later, she was bent. Grasping the nearest seat, she tried not to fall. She lifted her skirt and pulled up. The sight of her gorgeous ass at anybody did not cause disturbances. Her panties were removed, his feet were spread apart. She felt so dirty and delude ourselves that it was disgusting, she could not. Suddenly all hands again as it stopped. She wanted to turn around to see what was happening, but did not dare. Then a hard member made his way between her buttocks.    
    -Lord, What is it? Why does it affect me? God is the cock, that's for sure a member of ...    
    -Nothing Girl, you will love it. -Good voice trailed off, and the member continued to enter her vagina millimeter by millimeter.    
    - No, no, I'm still a virgin. Oh no! - She moaned.    "Quite a bit remains ..," said the stranger, and the member has penetrated even centimeters 5. Her pussy was too tiny and because of the pinhole, and the member was very crowded. But he was never able to get it, leaving eo head hurt clutched holes and dramatically jumped over the wall. Rita screamed and when she calmed down, the guy with all his strength shoved all the member to finish in tight ass Rita. Then she has screamed, he stopped to let her get used to it. Slowly and methodically, the member began to enter in and out of tight holes Rita. The man put his head on her shoulder, and she could feel his breath on her neck. He was breathing heavily and it is very exciting. Rita, a decent little girl, who has never been in love, never with her friends do not talk about sex, fucking in a public place with a stranger. In addition, when the entire crowd of observers, who saw it as an ordinary whore. She felt inside every centimeter, then moved his hands Man on her huge tits caresses became rougher. He pushed her forward to it even more curved back. On her hips fell a few hands, while others played with her breasts, the man continued to fuck deep and hard. Though slowly, the rate is gradually increased. Soon she heard flapping flesh and groan. Rita felt like a syringe, warm the cream injected into its interior. "It was too fast," - was her first thought.    
    Rita felt as he slowly pulls his limp dick and sighed with relief. Then it seemed to her that the other member at the entrance of her ass.    
    "Oh, shit! No, but the same ... you just finished. You're done, right?" 'I asked she.    
    "My turn," - said another voice. It was easier to do a new member quietly slipped into her ass. Again Rita was tilted just another stranger fucking her as a young horse. This was even rougher than the first. He grabbed her hips and began to fuck her tight ass even harder, deeper. Rita heard moans and began to sob, scream had no strength. Her ass was badly torn by. This, too, was busy with her very long, Rita could only breathe heavily when the second finally pulled.    
    - Your ass hurts, huh?    -Don't, - She whispered through her tears. - This is very painful.    
    -tuples Baby. I'm not going to fuck you in the ass, the man said, and began to gently massage her ass burning.    
    Rita sighed with relief. The man continued to gently massage her ass, and spread her legs with his foot. Slowly, he leaned forward. Before she could recover, another man clung to her and was going to stick his cock in her pussy.    
    Rita began to resist. They held her in place, he slowly began to push his thick, long and very hard cock in her little bald pussy. In contrast to the first man, all this done accurately and development ,. He wanted her to feel every centimeter, and that she has always remained in the memory of how he came into her virgin pussy. Its barrier stopped him, and they both froze. She felt his penis swollen and even a little bit her lower lip, broke the barrier. Pain and fever pierced her body. Slowly, very slowly, the pain subsided and he felt as though, began the movement back and forth. With each thrust member, it seemed to grow more and more. When he heard that Rita has ceased to whine, he picked up the pace. Stronger, faster and farther, he introduced his penis in her tiny and tight hole. During the process, he began calling her dirty words. Soon, he blew it. Rita felt another portion of warm sperm in itself. She hid her face in her hands and caught her breath. Behind there were some movements for some time, and she felt another man behind her.    
    When she opened her eyes, her skirt was still raised and opened her ass and pussy on display for all who is behind it. One after another, people take turns fucking and ass or pussy. When the bus reached the college, Rita was tired and battered. She straightened up and walked slowly. When the bus was leaving, Rita looked out the back window wondering who fucked her. None of the men did not look at her.    
    Rita went to school. "It will be a very interesting year," - she thought.

My new secretary

    My new secretary        I sat in the office, when suddenly there was a knock at the door.
    - Yes, please.
    In the doorway appeared a pretty, young face.
    - Hello! I'm on the job the secretary. Can?
    I immediately liked the tender and how to say it ... something feminine voice.
    - Ahh, yes, yes come in, sit down.
    - Thank you.
    According to the office was a young, pretty girl, dressed in a black formal suit. Natasha thought about how she needed this job, it is already a few months looking for a job as an economist, but to no avail. Now she was willing to work as a secretary, if only to pay enough to live on. She would sit on the edge of the chair.
    - Mena name is Sergey, I'm the director of the shopping center.
    - Very nice. I am Natasha, I'm 22 years old, I have a degree in economics.
    It was felt that it shackled, he said once a studied, apparently very worried, I thought.
    - Soooo, why then decided to work with your secretary of economic?
    - I very much need a job and can not find the specialty. But you do not think that I have left at the first opportunity. Maybe with time and you will have a vacancy economist, and until then I'm happy to be working so someone tell.
    - It's nice to have a deal with a smart girl. Of course, anything is possible. But as long as I need you as a secretary. You have insight into the work of the Secretary?
    - In general, yes, but it'll take care of.
    - Great. But I still call tomorrow Marina, this is my former secretary, she will bring you up to speed.
    - So, I have come to work tomorrow? You have taken me?
    During the conversation, I watched Natasha. It was a modest young lady, and most likely from an educated family. She sat on the edge of his chair, nervously rubbing her palms. Probably have to try to drag this humble girl in bed, I thought. I was already 38 years old and for the past 10 years, I fucked all of their secretaries. But they were not a lady, and knots, yes, lustful and depraved bitches and bitches. I fucked them cancer, standing on the table ... in the mouth, in the ass, anytime, anywhere from the first day. And those who did not want to push the legs or suck my dick, dismissed for a second day. Thoughts of the past, a little distracted me.
    - Yes. But I love you more familiar with the small, but important rule. My secretary has to dress as I want. And I want to see you in a white transparent blouse on top of a black jacket without buttons, in a short black skirt, in black lingerie including stockings with garters belt. Yes, yes it is stockings. All this you are now you will choose in our women's clothing department. Agreed?
    - Oh, Sergey, I never wore short skirts, transparent blouses and belts with stockings. It is necessary?

    Embarrassment and blushing, Natasha said.
    - Yes, Natasha, is necessary. My secretary has to look spectacular. You get used to it, do not worry. And most importantly you have a good incentive, your salary will be ... thousands per month.
    - Oh, I do not know ... but of course a good salary ... umm ... well ...
    Natasha did not know what to do. She guessed what she would have to dress. But she needed this job.
    - Well, Sergei Vladimirovich, I agree, since those are the rules.
    - That's wonderful. Come on, I'll take you to our girls, and they will show what and where, and will choose to measure all the size.
    Natasha got up and headed for the door. I slowly stood up, watching her. She was a tall, large woman, but it is a big but not fat, well, at least she looked under her strict suit. It is collected in the tail jet-black hair, smooth straight back and straightened his shoulders were added to her elegance. I was about to climb up to her between the legs, there was something in it that I did not know and did not see.
    We left the office and headed for the women's clothing department. When we arrived, I called one of the officers.
    - Olya, come here, please.
    - Run, run, Sergei Vladimirovich.
    Towards us ran busty Olga, her breasts swayed to the beat of her movements, thereby arousing me. This girl we worked the first week, and I have not had time to hit on her. But when it ... maybe later ... She was blond, tall, with a large protruding ass and probably not less than 5-th size breasts.
    - Olya, help Natasha select all that she needs. If she does not know how to dress to be my secretary, ask Natalia Valentinovna.
    - Sergey, I know everything, I Natalia V. instructed on this matter on the first day. All pick up as it should, you will be satisfied.
    This Olechka smiled and flirted with me, because that's a bitch, I thought.
    - Well, Natasha, go with Olga, and tomorrow at 8 am you have to be at work. Till tomorrow.
    - Goodbye, Sergei Vladimirovich.
    I walked into the room, which I only knew and no longer very young head of the women's clothing department Natalia V.. I stopped, turned on the light and closed on the lock. In the middle of the small room stood a chair, and it was aimed directly at one of the booths fitting. From inside the cabin all the walls were mirrors, one mirror but it was not easy. On the other hand, and it is from this very little room it was like a normal glass and I could see everything that happens there.
    I sat in a chair, stood next to a table with drinks, poured himself a glass of whiskey and sat in the pleasant anticipation.
    I waited for perhaps an hour, and finally the door opened and in the booth seemed my new secretary, Natasha. I was watching.
    Natasha certainly did not realize that she was being watched. She put her clothes on the bench and began to undress. She took off her jacket ... ... shirt. Oh-oh-oh, oh you're my ... Natasha was wearing pants and a white bra, then that closes the entire breast. That's daaaaa on bra ... it is clear that her breasts are large. Then she began to take off her bra and lush, and as you can see natural breasts spilled out. Daaaaa Ohhh, it was beautiful and large breasts, nipples were large and bright pink ... mmm ... so it is not a natural brunette, I thought. I'm insanely was excited by what he saw, and alcohol only egged me. Here she pulled off her pants and left in shorts. I sat stupefied with a glass of whiskey in his hand. What chic form it has for his age ... Member stood like a stake, and in my head a thousand hammers banging.    Here she took off the last thing she was wearing panties. Mmm ... what a thin waist in such a big tits and ass hell ... ... her clothes to hide everything that could hide. She for some reason, her hair down and began to spin in front of a mirror naked ... mmm ... kakzhe it is good ... In front of me stood a tall brunette with long beautiful hair, which lay on a white back straight. Her long, yes, yes, a very long beautiful legs drove me crazy, it was cool and hip big ass, so that I want to caress, to crush and to fuck. She turned back to me and leaned forward to try that black panties - thongs. Mmmm, what kind of ... I opened her pussy completely shaved and was too large, her pussy matched her body ... mmm what it is juicy and delicious.    Natasha twirled in front of a mirror in a thong panties and thinking that they still will not be visible under the skirt, Smer. Then she wore stockings and garter belt. Her breasts swayed from side to side with every movement, and large pink nipples looked like two ripe cherries. Then she put on her bra. It was not that what she wears a bra, he opened half of its beautiful and large breasts still had a round, 5-6 cm in diameter, cut-nipples with areola. She was standing in black lingerie and looking at myself ... oh my god ... who I look like this, thought Natasha. Her large chest was in a very sexy black bra, big pink nipples with areoles erotic climbed out into a round neckline.    I watched and thought, under any pretext as to call her office. I could not stand up tomorrow, I wanted to fuck her today, right now. He wanted to bend her cancer and drove it all their 20 centimeters on the eggs and to fuck this girl to fuck and to fuck as long as there is strength. I've already imagined how kolyshatsya her luscious huge tits in my movements and so it podmahivaet me nasazhivayas on my dick. Mmm, we should call it, and then how it goes, I thought.    I left the room, and went to his office.
    - Hello, Natalia V.?
    - Yes, I listen to you Sergey.
    - Urgently to my office, waiting.
    I hung up and waited for the directress. We started with her career, but I am now the director of a major shopping center, and it is head of the department. We are linked by 13 years of work, of which I am the director of 10 years, and we had a lot of interesting things to do and continue to do together. Natalia V. is the only one I trust 100 percent.
    -You Can enter?
    Yes, come in Natalia.
    Alone, we called each other by their first names.
    - Sergei, I have a lot of work that you like?
    - I want you to my new secretary hinted that it would be necessary before the first working day seem bare, well let to appreciate how it looks like, and then suddenly it is not like ... well, like that in general. Understood?
    - What are you up to? She's very young, and on it is clear that a prude. Since it can not be like with your bitch ... Marinko Spugnesh because this girl, then he will regret. She needed attention, affection and tenderness, but then take it ready and cushy.
    - Do not worry Natalia, I gently and tenderly, but today. I do not want to stretch in the courtship, attention, etc. And you che do not see I had a stake worth it, after I visited while she was changing in our secret room.
    - Well, Sergei, it's your business. Although I could handle myself with your handsome boss ... but you, you decide. I have it now to send to you. But with you night of debauchery in the same month.
    Natalya grabbed me by the balls, and continued:
    - I want a threesome, me, you and this Natasha. There is?
    Okay, Natalie, let's go already.
    I slapped her on the ass, and added:
    - Get ready, you will soon oprobuesh this juicy girl.
    Natalia V. came to the dressing room and called Natasha.
    - Natasha, you would have gone to Sergei Vladimirovich, let see if it suits you, whether you all to face. He's your boss and he will like it.
    - I do not know ... he's already said goodbye kind of like ...
    - Come on, come on girl, go, to earn a bonus.
    - Good.
    Natasha went into the boss's office and wondered what would happen ... it seemed to her that she looks like a damn office. She even embarrassed because of his thoughts. She could feel her nipples rubbing against her blouse and stand ... Oh, my God and if it is asked to remove his jacket .... I thought Natasha.
    A knock at the door.
    - You can enter, Sergey?
    - Yes, Natasha, come in.
    - Here's decided to show you in his office shape ... if I may say so ... embarrassed and stammering said Natasha.
    Her cheeks began to turn pink, and I madly loved. She behaved like a schoolgirl in the principal's office.
    This skirt was evident that her big ass and appetizing.
    - Good for you that has gone. You really are, you look like ... mmmm ... very good look Natalya.
    He said I tried as gently as possible and friendlier.
    - The working day ended, davayka we'll mention your device safe on the job.
    - No, no thank you, Sergei Vladimirovich, I do not drink alcoholic beverages.
    - Well, then pour the juice itself, and I drink. All this is over there, on the bottom shelf.
    I pointed to the closet.
    - Okay, now I make.
    Natasha brought drinks, and we drank.
    I stood up and walked closer to her. Natasha was sitting in the soft leather chair and wanted to get up.
    - Sit down, sit down, do not get up.
    I put my hand on her head and began to stroke her hair. Natasha shuddere

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